Good equipment means a lot to me. Not the most expensive stuff, but the most stable and easy to use gear. I am very often outside at rather extreme temperatures in deepest darkness. So it is absolutely important that my equipment is very intuitive to handle, that it will restist the temperatures, the crushing waves and last but not least that it will be absolutely stable in the biggest storm.

At the moment I am using a Nikon Z7 and a Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Every camera has big advantages in different operation areas. The Z7 is the perfect landscape camera and blows you away with the great details, which you can capture with it. In addition, it is much lighter to transport than a conventional SLR camera. The 5D Mark III is the perfect camera for concert photography. Where it is a must that you are able to handle your camera as quick as possible. Especially if you are inside a photo pit and the only time you have are three songs, without using a flash.

Beside this, the use of several grey filters is a big part of my work. I am using Rollei filters to darken the sky or to get longer exposure times at daylight. Because of this I am able to shape my pictures more vibrant and to make the beholder feel the waves crushing and the wind blow.
In my postprocessing work I use Lightroom for archieving the pictures and Photoshop CC for the rest of my work.

For everybody who is interested in my detailed equipment. eel free to read through my list or to ask me about it.

Nikon Z7
Nikon 810D
Canon EOS 5 D Mark III

Nikkor Z 14-30mm /1:4 S
Nikkor Z 24-70mm / 1:4 S
Nikkor 14-24 mm / 2,8 G ED
Canon EF 16-35mm/f2,8L II USM
Canon EF 24-70mm/ f2,8 L USM
Canon EF 70-200mm/ f2,8 L IS USM
Canon EF 100-400mm/f4,5-5,6L IS USM
Kenko C-AF 1,5x Konverter

Really Right Stuff BH-55 Pro + B2-Pro II
FEISOL Tournament CT-3442 Rapid
Sirui Tripod R-5214X
KISS Panoramasystem
Novoflex VR-System Slim

LEE Filters:
SW 150 Mark II Filterholder

150 mm Soft GND8 (3 Stopps/0,9)
150 mm Soft GND16 (4 Stopps/1,2)
150 mm Hard GND8 (3 Stopps/0,9)
150 mm Reverse GND8 (3 Stopps/0,9)
150 mm ND1000 (10 Stopps/3)
150 mm ND64 (6 Stopps/1,8)

F-stop Rucksack Ajna